The Mission


As a ministry of Mission Isla Vista, our mission is to co-labor with Christ to bring the Kingdom of God to Isla Vista.

Jesus Burgers began from a desire to love the city of Isla Vista - not expecting anything in return. This value of generosity and selfless hospitality is a pillar of the ministry, for it was first modeled by Jesus (Mat 20:28, Rom 5:8, Eph 2:5, Joh 3:16). As we know God’s heart for humanity, our natural response is to serve from His generosity and kindness. Through this posture of service, Jesus Burgers has gained a positive city wide reputation and is known as a place of peace, joy, and love.

Through hospitality, the mission of Jesus Burgers is that the people of Isla Vista would know and experience the love, power, kindness, grace, and preeminence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Learn more about Mission Isla Vista.